Trees Grown On Our Farm

Monterey Pine

– California Classic

– Fragrance


Leyland Cypress

– Tree from Southeastern US

– Non – allergenic

– Extreme Longevity and doesn’t drop needles

Blue Ice

– Silvery Blue Christmas Tree

– Unique Fragrance

– Extreme longevity and does not drop needles

Monterey Cypress

– Newest tree on our farm – seed imported from New Zealand

– Great unique fragrance

– Rapid growing & lightweight

– Extreme longevity and does not drop needles

Planning For The Future

Fresh Cut Oregon Trees


We offer a variety of fresh cut traditional trees from Oregon:

Noble Fir – Classic beauty & fragrance, longevity & hardiness

Nordman Fir – Up & coming new star! Rich green with silver underneath

Silver Tip – Layered & elegant, grows in high elevation in the Sierra’s

Grand Fir – Full tree with unique fragrance

Douglas Fir – Traditional style Christmas tree